The following website links have been provided to help you navigate everything from how to identify and report child abuse to how to become a foster parent, or even how to handle the everyday challenges of raising your own children.  We hope you will find these resources to be beneficial in your quest to serve the most precious segment of our population, our children.

Reporting Child Abuse/Neglect

Please click the above link for the appropriate steps to report suspected child abuse or neglect, or call one of the numbers listed below.  Do not hesitate to take action; your phone call may be the only thing that stops this vicious cycle in the life of a child.

Dothan Police Department 334-615-3000
Enterprise Police Department 334-347-2222
Barbour County Sheriff’s Department 334-775-3434
Dale County Sheriff’s Department 334-774-3114
Geneva County Sheriff’s Department 334-684-5660
Henry County Sheriff’s Department 334-585-3131
Houston County Sheriff’s Department 334-677-4808


Considering Becoming a Foster Parent

Currently in Alabama, there are over six thousand children in foster care. Some simply need foster care for a matter of days. Others may need foster care until they are reunited with their biological family or a plan is made for them to be adopted. All of these children share the need for a caring and committed family that can bring them the future they deserve.

Considering Adoption

Meet Alabama’s children who are waiting to be adopted!  If you are considering adoption, this website will provide you all of the information you need to begin the process, as well as a current listing of children in both Alabama and across the United States who are waiting to be welcomed into a family of their very own.

Southeast Alabama Child Advocacy Center

This local organization serves as an advocate for children, working to reduce the trauma and anxiety for child victims of sexual and severe physical abuse.

The Exchange Center for Child Abuse

By providing services to current and past child abuse victims, educational programs to bring awareness and information to high risk groups, as well as counseling services to victims of other crimes, the Exchange Center for Child Abuse provides services to attack all sides of abuse. Without an intervention in the cycle of abuse, there can be no expectation of change.

Saliba Center for Families

Dothan’s Saliba Center for Families is a public, non-profit social services agency that offers “one-stop-shopping” with prevention and intervention services that strengthens families and helps them help themselves. It offers a wide range of services under the “umbrella” of several components: an intake and assessment center, a Community Career Development Center, HIPPY Literacy Program, an in-home visitation program, and an Early Head Start Program.

Focus on the Family

Investing in family is one of the most important decisions you can make. Focus on the Family is dedicated to strengthening marriages, supporting parents and standing for biblical values.

Plugged In by Focus on the Family

This website shines a light on the world of popular entertainment. Get insight on movies, DVDs, TV shows, and music. Sponsored by Focus on the Family.

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