The Wiregrass Children’s Home could not be successful without the dedication of our volunteers. From cooking a meal to cutting the grass to organizing gift items, we need your help!

WCH currently has the following needs for in-kind services:

  • Painting various rooms in the house parents’ apartment
  • Painting outside shutters
  • Pressure washing sidewalks and patio areas
  • Washing the Home’s three (3) vehicles
  • Sanding and sealing four (4) picnic tables
  • Pressure washing/cleaning windows and siding on the Home and storage sheds
  • Re-tiling both the girls’ and boys’ bathrooms
  • Sponsor a holiday party for the children (Valentine’s, Easter, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving meal, or Christmas)
  • Monthly pickup of donations from Atlanta Bread Company (We currently pick up donations each week from ABC.  You can choose a week each month that fits with your schedule.)
  • Donated meals by a family or church one night each week (especially during the Summer months) or each month. Visit www.takethemameal.com and enter “Childrens Home” as the last name and enter password of “wch” to select a night to provide a meal.
  • Use of a vacation home where our house parents could take our children during their Spring Break or for a short trip during the Summer
  • Donated lawn care


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Wiregrass Children's Home
PO Box 6813
Dothan, AL 36302
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